I am proud of the achievement AL NOOR TEXTILE and DHILLON KNITWEAR has made over the past decade. Garments sector is the biggest and fastest growing sector in Pakistan.
It is also the highest currency earning sector in Pakistan. Among this sector, knit garments is growing very rapidly and exports is increasing steadily for last few years.

Since our Journey stated in the year (2007) in knit garments export, we crossed over a long way and found us as one of the best knitwear manufacture exporter of Pakistan. Our Company is full of strategic planning supported by sophisticated machinery, latest technology, skilled workmanship, substantial marketing, proper discipline and consistent effort from all, the company extend into global market.

DHILLON KNITWEAR AND AL NOOR TEXTILE comprise the ultra modern plants related to garments industry, such as independent knitting, dyeing, garmenting, printing and embroidery with sufficiently supportive backward linkage facilities. Apart from directors, a team of executives and expatriates is working in different areas of operation. Extremely thanks to management team, workers and above all to our valued buyers for achieving this milestone. Our commitment in Co-operation and teamwork made this possible.
19 of April, 2011

AL NOOR TEXTILE lonched a new stitching unit with 120 stitching machines and complete arrangments of all type of stitching we have already a design studio and they are working day and night on creation of new designs in garments workds specialy in sports garments

08 of June, 2010

AL NOOR TEXTILE lonched a new web site with our new comapnay name Dhillon Knitwear with full arrangements of knitting dying and stocks of more new designs in garments word

15 of March, 2010

AL NOOR TEXTILE lonched a new company name Dhillon Knitwear and add more knitting machines with the name of Dhillon knitwear.



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