Our Products

Al Noor Textile comes with some high quality knitting products that help you to get started you business with our productions and products. we are specilest in sports wear items like hood shirts, polo  shirts, t-shirts , rugby shirts, track suits basket ball shirts and al other knitting products.


19 of April, 2011

AL NOOR TEXTILE lonched a new stitching unit with 120 stitching machines and complete arrangments of all type of stitching we have already a design studio and they are working day and night on creation of new designs in garments workds specialy in sports garments

08 of June, 2010

AL NOOR TEXTILE lonched a new web site with our new comapnay name Dhillon Knitwear with full arrangements of knitting dying and stocks of more new designs in garments word

15 of March, 2010

AL NOOR TEXTILE lonched a new company name Dhillon Knitwear and add more knitting machines with the name of Dhillon knitwear.



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